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An Introduction to Sea-Level Change 海水面變化導論

This course is aimed to give a basic idea of the observational evidence and physical meaning of sea-level changes.



Lecture Files


Download (4.44MB)

Seismic Stratigraphic Record

Download (14.14MB)

Oxygen Isotope

Download1 (3.01MB)
Download2 (1.95MB)

Quaternary Sea-level Changes

Download1 (3.34MB)
Download2 (9.31MB)

Recent and Future Sea-level Changes

Download (60.23MB)

Relative Sea-level Changes


Recent Climatic Events


Global Warming

Download1 (6.09MB)
Download2 (657KB)

Additional Reading




Introduction to Dating Methods of Quaternary Sediments 第四紀沉積定年

This course is aimed to give a brief introduction of different methods of geochronology on Quaternary sediments, including radiocarbon dating, TL, OSL, ESR, and so on. Students are required to undertake TL lab experiments.



Powerpoint File

Reference Pack (.zip)

Cosmogenic Dating

Download (107KB)

Download (6KB)

ESR Dating

Download (5.56MB)

Download (8KB)

Geomorphic Dating

Download (4.15MB)


Luminescence Dating

Download1 (14.69MB)

Download (6KB)

Radiocarbon Dating

Download (5.02MB)


Soil Dating

Download1 (41.45MB)
Download2 (4.28MB)
Download3 (14.65MB)



Download1 (9.95MB)
Download2 (1.89MB)
Download3 (4.35MB)

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Geologic Hazard Assessment 地質災害野外調查

Two weeks of intensive field-based description and evaluation of the deposits and landforms related to a geologic hazard. Field location will vary from year to year, but will focus on a particular locale, either within Taiwan or abroad, where a seismic, volcanic, slope-stability, or other hazard can be documented and evaluated. This course is aimed to give a basic training of the geologic hazard mapping and field work. 


Service Learning 服務課


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