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FEB, 6, 2010


  • 請盡量不要開車,從公館捷運站乘市公車208, 236, 660 以及 251, 252,於"中正紀念堂羅斯福路" 下車,約20-30分鐘內可以抵達,往寧波東(西)街方向走。
  • 尾牙有交換禮物的活動,準備一份約500元的禮物,跟大家一起同歡!
  • 另外,無論是否能一同歡聚,歡迎大家能提供最近的生活照片及與照片相關的小故事,讓研究室的大家都能知道您的近況!
  • 聯絡人:巫姿萱 (烏茲) 0958-562-232

尾牙時間:2010 / 02 / 06 (六) 18:00
尾牙地點:台北市羅斯福路一段61號(捷運中正紀念堂站 3 號出口處附近)


JAN. 27, 2007

Annual dinner party (尾牙) of PENT will be held at 6:30 p.m. on JAN. 27, 2007. Party location is Samao Valley Spa Dining Hall. Please bring your partners and attend on time.

  • Because of time limit, please arrive on time.
  • It's better to take city bus than to drive by yourself. It takes only 20-25 minute to transfer city but No. 535 from MRT Shipai Station (Green Line). Get off at "Xingyi Road 4th" and walk into Lane 402.
  • Each attendant could enjoy free hot spring. We will be waiting in the restaurant at 5:00pm for those who want to have a bath before the dinner party. Also in consideration of personal hygiene, please prepare your own towel (or 100NTD per towel if perchased in the restaurant).
  • We will exchange gift during the dinner party. Please prepare one gift (better below 500 NTD) with you when attending.
  • Contact Nina for detail information. Mobile: 0966-081624

本年度尾牙將於1月27日(六)晚上6:30於紗帽谷溫泉美食餐廳舉行, 歡迎所有研究室學長姐弟妹攜伴出席, 以下是注意事項:

  • 由於場地有時間限制, 請務必準時到場
  • 請盡量不要開車, 從石牌捷運站轉乘市公車535, 535副線上來, 20-25分鐘內可以抵達. 於"行義路四" 下車, 由402巷入約5分鐘.
  • 場地可免費泡湯, 研究室會有同仁於5:00pm在餐廳恭候, 如欲於飯前泡湯者, 可以在5:00先行抵達. 另外, 基於個人衛生考量, 場地不提供個人毛巾, 現場購買價為100元/條, 請盡量自己準備.
  • 尾牙有交換禮物的活動, 請攜帶禮物前來, 價錢盡量在台幣500元以內
  • 聯絡人: 林玉儂 0966081624

Map and Location

  DEC. 11-15, 2006  

2006 AGU Fall Meeting is going to be held in San Francisco. This year's attendants are:

Prof. Yue-Gau Chen    
Horng-Wei Chiang      poster
Kuan-Yin Lai               poster
Yu-Ting Kuo                poster
Po-Nong Lee               oral
Yin Lin                         oral

Please refer to AGU website for further details.

NOV. 27, 2006

PENT website is newly opened. This website is mainly cooperated by Si-Ying Liu (劉思穎) , Nina Lin and Yvonne Liu (2006 Ge122). We want to thank them for their great help!

In this new website, we post new activitiy information about PENT in Activities, put photos in Album, and set a Message Board for visiters to leave messages. If you find any question or error in this website, please contact Nina Lin.

  NOV. 3-29, 2006  

Professor Yoko Ota visited PENT and joined field trip to Chihshang area. Related activities are:

NOV. 3          Arrival
NOV. 4-5      Talk in National Taiwan Normal University
NOV. 17-21   Field trip to Chihshang area
NOV. 28        Farewell Party for Prof. Ota
NOV. 29        Departure


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