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Yue-Gau CHEN ( ³¯¤_°ª )

Personal Data:

Date of birth: Feb. 13, 1961 ; Place of birth: Taipei, Taiwan ; Marital status: married with three children ; Citizenship: Taiwan, Republic of China ; Present Address: Office: Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University, No. 1, Sec. 4 th , Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C. (TEL: +886-2-2369-7648; FAX: +886-2-2364-4625; E-mail: ygchen@

Research Interest:

Neotectonics: DEM and Landscape

Quaternary Geochronology: Radiocarbon Dating, Thermoluminescence Dating, and Optical Stimulated Luminescence Dating

Stable Isotope Geochemistry: Organic C, N, and S in Sediments

Quaternary Geology: Paleoclimatic Study on Coral


Ph.D. Geology (Jan., 1993), Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University

Present Position

Professor , 2003.8-, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University


1997.8- Associate Professor , Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University

2000.1.- Coordinator , Sino-American Colaboration Program on Earth Sciences, National Science Council, R.O.C.

1995.2-1996.1 Visiting Scholar , Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science, Purdue University , U.S.A.

Awards and Honors:

•  Research Awards of National Science Council, R.O.C., 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000.

•  Candidate of Outstanding Research Awards of National Science Council, 2002

•  Outstanding Research Awards of National Science Council, 2003

•  Awards for Young Scientist, College of Science , NTU, 2002

•  Outstanding Teaching Award of Naitonal Taiwan Univ., 1999, 2003.


•  Refereed Papers (in five years)

•  Chen, Y.G.* , Wu, W.S., Chen, C -H., and Liu, T.K. (2001) A date for volcanic eruption inferred from a siltstone xenolith, Quat. Sci. Rev. 20, 869-873. (SCI)

•  Liu, T.K.*, Hsieh, S., Chen, Y.G. , and Chen, W.S. (2001) Thermo-kinematic evolution of Taiwan obliquely collision mountain belt as revealed by zircon fission track dating, EPSL 186, 45-56. (SCI)

•  Ku, H.W., Chen, Y.G.* , Hsieh, C.C., Liu, T.K., Liu, Jack C.L. (2001) Paleoenvironment study at Yihju, southwestern Taiwan : a case on geochemical analysis of sulfur and carbon. Western Pacific Earth Sciences 1(2), 175-186 .

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•  Chen, Y.G.* , Chen, W.S., Wang, Y., Lo, P.W., Lee, J.C. and Liu, T.K. (2002) Geomorphic evidence for prior earthquakes: Lessons from the 1999 Chichi earthquake in central Taiwan . Geology 30(2), 171-174. (SCI)

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•  Lee, Y.C.*, Kou, H.H., and Chen, Y.G. (2002) Discrimination and abundance estimation of wild and released abalone. Haliotis diversicolor , using stable carbon and oxygen isotope analysis in northeastern Taiwan . Fisheries Science 68(5), 1020-1028. (SCI)

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